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If you outsource your out-of-the-box thinking…

…are you in danger that your thinking will get boxed in? Or, to put it a bit differently, consider the old saying: “A man who chops his own wood is warmed twice.” In part, these issues come to mind because … Continue reading

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Innovation is busting out all over Chicago this autumn

Looks like a bumper crop of innovation-related events will be arriving in Chicago this autumn…and this flurry of activity clearly underscores the high priority and rising interest in innovation-supporting initiatives that have been announced in recent months. Here is a … Continue reading

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Why P&G blabs about R&D labs

Procter & Gamble’s stunning R&D about-face has to be among the most compelling indications of the immensity of the re-invention-of-innovation that is under way. The marketing powerhouse’s R&D moves are shaking up the consumer packaged-goods sector…and they give us unique … Continue reading

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Schumpeter on Steroids – Industrial-Strength Creative Destruction

A buddy of mine likes to say: “Always keep an eye out for what you’re not seeing.” Or, when he is the mood to be more concrete, he will tell you: “You’re much more likely to get hit by the … Continue reading

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