Welcome to Re-Inventing Innovation

Thanks for visiting the beta version of Re-Inventing-Innovation.com, which focuses on the far-reaching transformations that are re-shaping the nature and role of innovation and creativity in today’s world.

The two-pronged mission of the site is

  1. To contribute to the discussion and the understanding of the “re-invention of innovation” that is taking place, and
  2. To help to develop effective responses that address the new challenges and that take advantage of the opportunities that are emerging in connection with these radical changes.

We hope that you find the site helpful, even in its early, beta-version form.

Thinks of this site as an on-going experiment…as a continuing work-in-progress.

In that spirit, we are planning numerous and significant changes in the site over the coming weeks and months, and we look forward to your feedback and responses, which can be sent to contact@re-inventing-innovation.com.

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